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    The company was established in June 2000. It is a wholly-owned enterprise integrating mold development and manufacturing, injection molding and stamping production. Its products involve automotive, medical, commercial and other related fields. The company transformed into a sole proprietorship in 2006, and fully implemented Dingxin ERP Work management system in 2007...
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    Welcome to the "Contact Us" page, your visit is our support, we sincerely welcome your visit! Guanming impresses customers with excellent technology and sincere service. Let "Guanming" become a trustworthy enterprise. Welcome to inquire about business.
4News -> common problem

What are the methods to remove the material remaining in the injection nozzle of the plastic injection mold?

1. Gently tap the tip of a thick copper rod on the inside of the nozzle of the plastic injection mold against the nozzle material of the injection mold. When you feel that the material head moves slightly, use a thin copper rod to get it out.

2. In order to take out the material remaining in the nozzle of the plastic injection mold, the injection molding machine should be equipped with several thin copper rods smaller than the diameter of the nozzle and one thicker copper rod to cope with any sitiuation.

3. If a screwdriver is used instead of a copper rod, the plastic injection mold will be at risk of being damaged.

4. If the material remaining at the gate of the plastic injection mold cannot be pierced from the side of the injection port, use a heater such as an iron wire and an alcohol lamp to heat it to red, and pierce the injection port material from the side of the plastic injection mold. After sufficient cooling, use pliers to pick it up. At this time, a brass plate (or cloth strip) must be placed at the lower end of the pliers to prevent the injection mold from being damaged when the injection material is taken out.

5. When the nozzle material cannot be taken out by the above method, apply the solvent of the material (such as acetone, etc.) on it, and after the material dissolves for a period of time, slowly take it out with a brass rod, but pay attention to Don't get close to fire.

6. After taking it out, blow it out with gas in the injection hole of the plastic injection mold, spray the mold release agent, and then proceed to production.