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    The company was established in June 2000. It is a wholly-owned enterprise integrating mold development and manufacturing, injection molding and stamping production. Its products involve automotive, medical, commercial and other related fields. The company transformed into a sole proprietorship in 2006, and fully implemented Dingxin ERP Work management system in 2007...
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    Welcome to the "Contact Us" page, your visit is our support, we sincerely welcome your visit! Guanming impresses customers with excellent technology and sincere service. Let "Guanming" become a trustworthy enterprise. Welcome to inquire about business.
4News -> common problem

Due to the effect of injection pressure, the plastic mold is deformed and dislocated, and excessive pressure is applied to the sliding part of the plastic mold, resulting in occlusion.

1. Why does the plastic mold slide?

1) Insufficient lubrication of the sliding part of the plastic mold

2) Insufficient rigidity of the sliding part of the plastic mold

3) The sliding part of the mold is deformed and dislocated

Second, the method to prevent plastic mold occlusion

1) The rigidity of the plastic mold should be large. Note that the screws of each part of the mold should be fastened firmly.

2) The sliding part should be quenched so that the sliding part has sufficient hardness.

3) The sliding parts are made of different steel and copper materials to prevent seizure.

4) Use lubricants such as molybdenum disulfide and copper powder in the sliding parts.

Three, matters needing attention

1) If the lubricant contains oil, it is easy to cause network cracks when it is attached to the injection molded product.

2) There is a slight biting phenomenon in the plastic mold, which needs to be polished and added with lubricant.